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Thai Temple Murals – A Unique Art Form

Siddartha cuts his hair

Part sacred instruction, part social chronicle, Thai temple mural paintings offers insight into the culture, humor & sensibilities of the Siamese. In his 2 volume collection, Thai Mural Paintings, (White Lotus Press, 2009), German Scholar Gerhard Jaiser accomplished a voluminous…


Thai Classical Dance

Masked monkeys scratch and fidget before their king, demons march to battle, and royalty bedecked in gold and gemstones are wheeled across the stage. This is Khon: royal Siam, ancient theatre, epic tale. On a poster along the walls of…


Muaythai Musings

There is a definite pace to a muaythai bout and, with a few exceptions, seems to follow a basic format. Round one is slower than the rest, with single blows thrown more often than combinations, and power held back to…


Doctor Antique

“Sometimes we cannot select our lives,” says Pathana Boupha, “the life selects us.” A diminutive, bespeckled doctor by trade, Pathana is the founder of Luang Prabang’s Boupha Antiques. A woman possessed of vision and determination, meeting her is not an…


Five Designer Resorts Phuket

Phuket’s pristine beaches, luxuriant tropic environs and the kingdom’s consummate art and architectural style, make it a popular holiday destination. No less so thanks to luxury resorts with designs ranging from unfalteringly Asian to modernist chic. Absolute beach front is…


My Favorite Asian City

Of all the cities I’ve visited in Asia, Georgetown Malaysia is hands-down my fav. This little urban enclave of people-packed streets and amalgam of architecture has got ahold of my imagination and won’t… Continue reading